An Original Musical for Family Audiences
Life isn't so easy when you're a bug, and Pico the Fly knows all about it! His best friend, Esteban, is a clever earwig who discovers a revolutionary way to harvest soil. With high hopes, the oddly paired bugs and their Super Soil enter the Queen Bee's weekly soil contest with plans to change the world! The bug world, that is. The clumsy caterpillar Isabelle cheers them onward despite the recent rumors about her interspecies relationship with Pico. But things change when the horsefly Packo bullies Pico into a discombobulated mess and steals the Super Soil from Esteban. Pico is forced to leave the yard and find new friends, while Esteban is left in ruins. With the help of two hilarious cockroaches and a poisonous centipede, Pico discovers a new attitude about friendship and love. His triumphant return to the soil contest will teach all species a golden-rule lesson about what it means to be a friend. 

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First Stage Theatre 2010

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The Kid Who Ran for President

Adapted from the books The Kid Who Ran for President and The Kid Who Became President by Dan Gutman

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Judson Moon is 12 years old, and he's running for president of the YOU-nited States! Sound crazy? His best friend and campaign manager, Lane Brainard, with an emphasis on "Brain", is organizing a political campaign that will change the world as we know it! Raising money at a lemonade stand in front of Judson's house, the unlikely candidate gets some media attention that ignites the political voices of children around the nation. But running the country isn't like playing Nintendo; it requires immeasurable responsibility and courage. "Can you imagine a world where YOU were in charge?" But how could the leadership of a 12-year-old kid really handle the decisions of the commander in chief? In the end, it is the voice of a kid that decides the outcome of this exciting musical. 

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MagikTheatre 2013

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Tupelo Mississippi 2012

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JAM! A Cinderella Musical!

A Musical For Family Audiences
Cowritten by Louis Farber

Lucinda is a young lady in the Kingdom of Jam! She is constantly pestered by her stepmother to make jam to sell at the market and bullied by her stepsisters. One day she discovers a new way to make jam...without using the skins of the fruit. Meanwhile, the Prince of Jam is not well liked. His parents are forcing him to find a wife but he just can't seem to get along with any of the suitors. He is really obsessed with his newest creation, a soft creamy mash-up of peanuts. He desperately seeks a jam that goes with it. He decides to disguise himself as a commoner for the royal birthday picnic to meet the suitors as himself. Lucinda is forbidden to go to the royal birthday picnic by her stepmother, but a little bit of magic interferes. She meets the Prince at the picnic, and together they create the first peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The clock strikes midnight and...you know the rest... sort of...

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Dis' Orientation

A Play For College Audiences

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Freshman year in college can be one of the most difficult years of your life. Dis'Orientation brings a smile to those freshmen anxieties with a fresh style and attitude! Originally devised at Arizona State University, this exciting play has been performed for thousands of students across the country!

The Red Cup Song

He Gave Me Wine Song

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The Line

A clown play for all audiences
Cowritten by Louis Farber

The Line is a play about boundries. Two neighbors, who usually get along, begin to struggle with their relationship as they learn to share their resources. Their friend Jess is the only common thing they have. Finding it difficult to get along, the two neighbors decide to draw a line between them. The line eventually becomes a wall, and before long, the two neighbors are completely separated. 
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Sketches and Short Form


A Photo Album

10-Minute Play
Appropriate for All Audiences
5-Minute Play
For Mature Audiences

Christopher Michael
Who Wouldn't Recycle

Juggling Practice

A Clown Play
For All Audiences
A 30-Minute Play
For Young Audiences
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