Original Music

Music for Young and Family Audiences


1. Infestation
2. We're Gonne Be Famous
3. Fly and a Caterpillar
4. U:Bug:Me!
5. Bad News
6. The Cockroach Jam
7. Not Alone
8. The Centipede Song
​9. New Attitude


1. Welcome to the
    Kingdom of Jam
​2. What if I was a Bird?
3. If You Knew Anything
4. I Wish I was a Peanut Butter       
    and Jelly Sandwich
5. Say Hello To Your Darker Side
6. Lil' Bit of Magic
7. Insert the Dance Song
8. Would You Hate Me?
9. PBJ Reprise

The Kid Who
Ran for President

1. Change The World
2. Gonna Use My Voice
3. Lemonade Stand
4. Please Hold
5. Nightmare Song
6. Welcome to the Big House
7. This is My Country
8. Just How I Came To Be

1. This Year Remind Me

1. At The Gate

Music for Adult Audiences

Stories of our Lives

1. Knock on Wood
2. Top of the World
3. Would You Hate Me?
4. Nick's Song
5. Blue Jeans
6. Camelbox
7. A Trumpet Player's Paradise
8. I Should Have Loved You
9. The World Changes
10. Fuck Jealousy

1. Spaceship

1. A Trumpet Players Paradise

1. Naked

1. Tail End of a 6-Year Binder

1. Pillow Talk

1. The Irish One

Solo Performance

Sundays at The Vine

Weekly Acoustic Performances with Local Artists
Tempe, AZ 2006-2012